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Istanbul Jazz Festival

Istanbul Jazz Festival and Love Supreme Festival confirmed for the summer!

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Album Mix

Album being mixed by the brilliant Morten Stendahl at Red Room Studios in Trondheim, Norway. So nice to hear the recordings coming to life. 🙂

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Finishing Touches

Add finishing touches to the album at The Premises and drag O’Reilly back over from Ireland as we loved his vocals so much we wanted hime to do another track! Maestro Buckley in his element conducting strings, harp, french horn … Read More

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Holed up at Real World Studios

Holed up at Real World Studios near Bath recording the new album. Some very long but productive days and nights! Was great to welcome the wonderful Marc O’Reilly and Emilia Martensson on vocals and explore new horizons. Also getting to … Read More

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Signed with the Naim Label

Super excited to sign with the amazing Naim Label for our new album ‘Everything We Hold’. They’ve been involved with some incredible music so really honoured to become part of the family!

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